Goals & Ethics

Our Farmer’s Pledge: We do all we can to follow organic and sustainable practices, promote wildlife and habitats, with respect for the Earth, care for our animals and pride in the quality of our produce.

Wild Leeks are encouraged and harvested sustainably on the southern hillsides – 2015


Our vegetables and fruits are organically grown with absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (except good ol’ manure). Our stock is of unique and old heritage strains and regionally-created varieties, sourced from (mostly local and organic) nurseries and seed companies and grown here with regenerative soil practices and minimal tilling.

The First Ladies out for a stroll between the snow crusts – 2017


We raise our animals humanely with outdoor access and shelter, no routine antibiotics, and never any growth stimulators (it’s not just about the hormones – growth is forced faster by lots of feed additives and treatments – look into it!). Our animals are not crowded in large numbers, allowing us to give each one our attention daily. All our animals having sunshine, fresh air and the ability to satisfy natural behaviors like scratching, rooting or wallowing are imperative.


Our birds – chickens, guinea hens, ducks and geese – are raised on organic grain-based feed and have completely fence-free daily ranging for wild forage and insects.

Mastiff guardian Goose attentively watches over the birds so they can make their daily rounds in safety. She injured her ACL in her knee valiantly chasing away a persistent fox more than once – 2021


Our registered Tamworth pigs are raised on pasture and woodland beechnut forage with a base diet of grains, fresh vegetable and fruit produce (NOT dairy by-products, corn or bread waste) for true-flavored meat of the best quality.

Chillin’ in a bed of cool dirt – 2020